Women's Health Centre

Welcome to the Shepparton Women's Health Centre, where a range of expert health practitioners provide preventative and curative health care treatment for women. 

The Shepparton Women's Health Centre, a centre of excellence for women's health issues, offers a range of expert health practitioners and services to provide preventative and curative health care treatment. The breadth of women's health services offered under one roof is a first for the city of Shepparton.

It is important to look at health for women specifically because of the differences in how women experience and respond to illnesses. Historically health has been studied from a male perspective and most textbooks are based on experiences with male patients. Research on treatments have been done with male subjects. It is important to have centres that look at health from the female perspective. There is more research and information needed for women and for the typical diseases that affect women such as endometriosis, cancer of uterus and ovaries, pregnancies, menopause, cervical cancer screening. 

Our vision for a women’s health centre is: 

“To be a Centre of excellence in delivering health care, both preventative and curative, to all women in the Goulburn Valley Region, at all stages of their life, by bringing people together with a passion for Women’s Health working in a respectful, collegial team environment leading to sustainable performance” 

We hope to achieve this by adhering to the following mission statement:  

“Providing up-to-date medical information, both in person and on our website, to women so they can make informed decisions about their health. This should occur in a collegial and collaborative manner in a positive work environment where everyone is respected and respectful and striving to better ourselves by teaching and sharing information”.

Health services offered at the centre include women's health check, fertility issues, menstrual problems, polycystic ovarian syndrome, sexually transmitted infections, pre-conceptional counselling, peri-menopausal complaints, antenatal and postnatal services, endometriosis, continence (bladder and bowel), pelvic floor dysfunction, sexual health and contraception, PAP smears and colposcopies, prolapse and all psychological aspects of women's health, minor procedures, surgical procedures.

We also provide telehealth services with specialists not local to the area such as endocrinologists. 

Opening Hours | Mon to Fri  9am - 5pm Closed weekends and public holidays.

Call us today on 03 5821 3555 to find out more about our services and how to make an appointment.

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